Short Term Insurance

What is Short Term Insurance? 
Short Term Insurance covers you for all of your immediate risks. For example your vehicle, household contents and your home. This type of insurance also covers your portable goods like cellphones and jewellery and will protect you against loss or damage to these goods.

How much Short Term Insurance do I need?
The amount of Short Term Insurance you need depends completely on your short term risk exposure. For example, if you own a vehicle you need to insure it against all possible risks such as accident, theft and other liabilities. The same applies to your portable goods, house  and other assets. 
Please speak to our dedicated short term insurance team to get the correct level of cover for you.

Business/Commercial Insurance

What is Business Insurance? 

In a business-to-business setting, an insurance policy acts almost like a credential. By having a high level of cover you are demonstrating that you are a respectable business which takes health and safety very seriously, and that you fully understand your own responsibilities.

You might consider the risks that your business faces to be small or even affordable, but if this is the case then there is a very good chance that you are underestimating them.

Why do I need Business Insurance?

The chances of your business being hit by a flood or destroyed by a fire might seem low, but disruption to your work can have serious consequences. Road works, police cordons and criminal acts could incur huge costs to your business and cash flow. However, all of this could be prevented with the right insurance cover and a business continuity plan. Talk to our insurance specialist about the cover available for your business.

Personal Insurance

What is House Holders Insurance? 

House Holders Insurance covers your personal possessions while they are located within that your home. 'Possessions' specifically refers to anything that is not permanently attached to the structure of the home, such as furniture. You do not have to own your own home to purchase this type of insurance, as you can purchase it as a stand-alone product.

Why do I need House Holders Insurance? 

What would you do if you lost all of your personal possessions in your home due to a burglary, fire or even a storm? Having to purchase your stolen or lost possessions can be extremely expensive and could require you to purchase items on credit. House Holders Insurance will provide you with the means required to replace these items, so that you do not have to incur the replacement or repair costs by yourself.

Let us help you find the best House Hold Insurance cover at the most affordable cost for you - Request a quote!

Personal Insurance

What is Buildings Insurance? 

Protection of your property is always a huge concern. Buildings Insurance, also known as 'Homeowners Insurance' is a form of property insurance, designed to protect your home against damage.

Why do I need Buildings Insurance?

Buildings Insurance will protect you from having to incur the extensive costs associated with repairing environmental or accidental damage to the physical structure of your home. The sum insured of the dwelling or home, represents the dwelling’s replacement value, including cost of demolition and professional fees. If the dwelling is underinsured, the insurer will apply average costs associated. 

Medical Cover

The following falls under Medical Cover

What is Medical Aid Cover? 

Medical Aid is a form of short term insurance that insures you for actual medical expenses. This is an essential form of insurance that needs to be considered very seriously. Not having this type of cover could mean enormous medical bills having to be paid out of your own pocket. 

Do not get confused between Dread Disease cover and Medical Aid. There is a distinct difference between the two. Medical Aid covers you for actual medical expenses incurred whilst Dread Disease cover pays out a lump sum of cash depending on the severity of your illness.

How much Medical Aid Cover do I need? 

The level of medical aid you should purchase depends largely on your affordability. There are certain medical aid policies that only cover you for hospital expenses and others that cover you for almost all medical expenses. You can also use GAP cover to plug the difference between what a doctor charges you and what the medical aid policy will cover.

Please speak to our financial advisors to assess your affordability before buying this type of cover.

Personal Insurance

What is Portable Possessions Insurance?

Portable Possessions Insurance covers your valuable personal possessions that are carried around with you on a daily basis.

Why do I need Portable Possessions Insurance? 

Valuable items, such as mobile phones, laptops, jewellery etc. can be damaged or lost away from your home, which can result in a huge financial loss. These items are normally excluded under the contents section of your insurance policy, which means you are required tot ake out additional cover for these items. 


Medical Cover

The following falls under Medical Cover

What is Medical Insurance? 

Medical insurance is cover in the form of lump sum payments, which is linked to your monthly premiums and specific insurance schemes. A set amount is paid out, irrespective of the amount charged by the healthcare provider

Personal Insurance

What is Watercraft & Trailers / Caran Insurance Cover? 

Watercarft & Trailers / Caravan Insurance cover protects items such as jet skis, boats and trailers from loss or damage, provided they are used for domestic purposes.

Why do I need Watercraft Insurance? 

By spreading the risk to pay a premium to the insurance company, you can be indemnified to be placed back into the position you were in before any loss or damage occurred.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Excess Waiver / Buy Down Insurance Cover?

Excess Waiver/ Buy Down Insurance covers the excess amount you have to pay when you make an insurance claim. Almost all insurance policies will have an excess, as it prevents people from making insignificant, small claims. There are various types of 'excess', but the amount will be decided upon when you take out your insurance policy.

Why do I need Excess Waiver / Buy Down Insurance Cover?

You take out insurance cover to assist you with paying for something when you can't pay for it yourself. An excess amount on your insurance policy can be extremely costly. Taking out insurance will prevent you from having to pay this lump sum in the event of an accident. 

Personal Insurance

What is Motor (Vehicle) Insurance? 

Motor (Vehicle) Insurance is purchased to insure cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. It's primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise there from. Motor (Vehicle) Insurance may offer additional financial protection against theft of the vehicle and possibly damage to the vehicle, sustained from things other than traffic collisions.

Why do I need Motor (Vehicle) Insurance? 

You need Motor (Vehicle) Insurance when you buy a motor vehicle. Motor insurance covers your vehicle, be it a motorcycle, a car of a lorry, in case of accidents or theft. The minimum insurance cover you will need is 3rd party liability cover.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Shortfall Insurance Cover? 

Shortfall Insurance Cover will cover the difference in cost between your vehicles’ insured amount and its outstanding finance amount.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Deposit Cover? 

In case of total loss, deposit cover pays out a benefit of 10% of the Sum Insured (but not exceeding R50 000.00) towards the deposit for the purchase of a replacement vehicle.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Cell Phone Cover? 

Cell Phone Cover is an insurance product you take out specifically to insure your cell phone against loss or accidental damage.

Why do I need Cell Phone Cover? 

Some cell phone are extremely expensive and costly to replace. Insurance Cover will pay for the costs involved with replacing your phone. 

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Personal Accident Insurance Cover? 

Personal Accident Insurance Cover accounts for the costs associated with death, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement and medical expenses you may incur due to an accident.

Why do you need Personal Accident Cover? 

Personal Accident Cover will give you piece of mind - you never know when an accident is waiting to happen!

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Touch Up Insurance Cover? 

Touch Up Insurance Cover will cover the costs involved with repairing scratches and dents on your car.

Why do I need Touch Up Insurance Cover? 

Touch Up Insurance cover is a cost effective way of saving money you will spend on fixing scraches and dents on your car. The newer your car is, the higher the associated fixing costs are likely to be.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Tyre and Rim Cover? 

Type and Rim Cover will cover the costs caused to fix or replace your tyres or rims due to damage.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Fill Up Insurance Cover? 

This is specific product that offers additional cover over and above the cover provided by your normal standard policy to fill up the gaps that may not be covered or excluded under the normal standard cover.

Value Added Insurance Products

What is Inception Value Policy? 

This product will pay out the retail value as it was at the inception of the policy, subject to a comprehensive insurance policy be in place at the time of total loss.

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