Short Term Insurance Key Individual


Since 2010 Santie Stevens has been a key individual of the Insurance Busters Short-Term Insurance Team. With over 25 years of experience in all areas of insurance, Santie Stevens has spent the majority of her career focussing on Short Term Insurance specifically, and is now a fully qualified personal and commercial insurance consultant.

Santie Stevens began her career with working in the cleint services department at Absa Bankfin, but soon after moved on to working at Auto and General and then Telesure, where she gained expeience in Underwriting. 

Santie is currently a key internediary between established insurance companies, which she has developed close business relationships with, and the South African consumers she strives to serve.

From her years of experience and unique business relationships, Santie is able to use her in-depth knowledge of risks and the insurance market to find and arrange the most suitable insurance policies and cover for her clients. Santie has also worked extremely hard to build ongoing relationships with clients and strives to deliver excellent service. 

Santie Stevens is a self-driven and motived individual, who has acquired her Regulatory Examination Certificates. She has also worked extremely hard to advance in her career as a short-term insurance key individual and is currently completing a Higher Certificate in Short Term Insurance. 

Credit Life Manager


After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in Internal Auditing, at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 1990, Andre Goethals began his career as an insurance broker, first for his own company and later, for Absa Insurance Company.

Andre moved on to further his career by gaining proficiency in a number of administration houses, by upholding positions within the financial, claims, underwriting and auditing divisions. At InsBro, where Andre worked for quite some time, he was a supervisor of a large staff complement and focussed on the implementation of systems aimed at streamlining of various  processes and departments. 

Currently, Andre is the Insurance Busters Credit Life Mananger, as well as a key individual in the Insurance Busters Life Insurance department. Andre is resposible for supervising a team of insurance consultants, as well overseeing regulatory compliance fulfilment.

Andre Goethals endevours to act in the best interest of his clients and offer products and services from more than just one insurer to ensure that his clients are provided with the best deal suited to meet their needs.

Andre Goethals states, “I am passionate about client service, and I aim stress the importance of ensuring that claims are attended to quickly, accurately and professionally”.

Communicating effectively with his clients is what has encapsulated Andre’s approach when working with Insurance Busters clients.

Head of Insurance


Will Keevy graduated from The University of Stellenbosch (US) with an Honours Degree in Genetics in 1999. Will continued his studies further with a Bachelor of Commerce Conversion Course in Accounting at The University of Cape Town in 2000.

Upon completion of his studies, Will went on to work in the financial services industry, starting his career at investment data publishers, Profile Media, as a financial researcher.

After gaining some experience, Will moved on to insurance giants Liberty in 2005, where he really began to learn his trade, taking up a role as a Financial Advisor.

Two years later, Will moved into management where his first responsibility was kick-starting, developing and directing a branch in Nelspruit.

Thereafter, Will moved to Cape Town and headed up a management position at a Liberty Branch.

In 2016, Will moved to IDM in search of a new and exciting challenge, taking up the position of Head of the Insurance Division at Insurance Busters, where he is responsible for overseeing all operational functions within the Insurance Busters Team.

Financial Planner


Having studied a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Actuarial Science majoring in Quantitative Finance, at The University of Cape Town, I developed a passion for solving problems and more specifically, helping other people solve their problems.

Shortly after in 2012, I joined The IDM group as a financial consultant, which was an ideal foundation for my work as a financial planner.

My love for numbers and my ability to think analytically enables me to find simple ways of creating value for my clients. I make sure that they are matched with the right financial planning products, designed to meet their needs.

Away from business, I can be found playing a game of tennis with friends. I am also an avid singer and have sung in various choirs in Cape Town, including the Cape Town Youth Choir.

Financial Planner


In 2011 I graduated from The University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business Science, specialising in Management Studies.

After completing my studies, I decided to join the Insurance Busters Team where I found my passion for helping people build and secure a brighter financial future.

I offer personalised financial advice and do so by keeping in mind that everyone’s life situation and economic circumstances differ.

I make sure that I match the right financial products and services tailored to the individual’s needs.

Once I have put together a customised financial plan, I continue to work with my clients on a regular basis to make sure that they are comfortable and everything moves forward accordingly.

In my spare time out of office, I can be found with my friends enjoying a music concert at the The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, or playing a game of thirty seconds, exercising my mental powers.

Insurance Busters is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. We provide South Africa with expert, trustworthy advice and the best insurance products, available for you. FSP number: 32984